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Tasty Tips

All Chutneys are great with Mature Cheese and Good Bread.

Use them in a sandwich to add flavour and add some to your salad plate.

Tomato Chutney

A great chutney with so many uses. Use it with cheese, bread and salads. When making a Curry, Chilli or Bolognese, add a tablespoon to your pan for the last 10 minutes or so. It gives a great flavour.

Beetroot and Ginger Chutney

This goes particularly well with a nice creamy Goat’s Cheese. The sweetness of the Beetroot, the tang of the Ginger and the lovely apples go together to make a lovely chutney. Also good to add to your Salad Plate.

Rhubarb Chutney

Great with cheese, in sandwiches and like all chutneys, excellent with a Salad. The Ginger and the Cloves give this a lovely mellow flavour.

A new suggestion.  A friend tried the following – Spread the Chutney on crusty bread or a Panini- Add slices of Goats Cheese and grill for a few minutes. Delicious!

Pear & Walnut Chutney

A lovely Mellow Blend of Pears, Apples, Onions and Walnuts. Great with a mature cheese. The taste of the Pears and Walnuts shine through.

All of the Chutneys are a great addition to Salads and as a side with a Curry.

Bramble Country Relish

A smooth Chutney which is made with Tomatoes, Onions, Apples, Plums and Pears. A lovely tangy addition to your sandwiches and wraps.

Great with everything! Try it on your Burger.


Seville Oranges have a very short shelf life. They arrive in January and February each year, so I get as much made as possible when they are at their best. So, Busy Busy! The Seville Oranges give the Marmalade a lovely tang.

I continue to make my Three Fruit Marmalade and have even converted ‘Only Seville Marmalade’ Lovers to it!!

Remember that Marmalade has a few more uses than putting on toast. It can be mixed into Puddings and Cakes and if you melt it and add a liqueur  to make a lovely Marmalade Sauce.

My 3 Fruit Marmalade is made with Grapefruit, Oranges and Lemons. The Grapefruit gives a great tangy flavour.

Try this- When your ham is cooked and cooled- Take the outer skin off- Smear with Marmalade and add Brown Sugar. Place in the oven to brown. This makes a lovely glaze.

Jams & Jellies

 I will continue to make Jam and as the season progresses, I will give you some ideas and uses for the different Jellies.

Mint Jelly  all year round, not only for Easter!

Autumn Berry Jelly

This is a great addition to your cupboard.

Use it as jam on bread and scones.

When making Gravy, Add some- it really gives a great flavour.

If a Sauce requires Red Wine, Add the Berry Jelly- great.

You can also add a few spoonfulls to your morning porridge!

Cranberry Sauce ! Remember Cranberry Sauce is lovely all year round.

Mint Jelly- Great with Lamb!- but also great with many other meats.


Please feel free to contact me at info [at] bramblelodgefoods [dot] ie

If you have any queries around making your own Jam, Chutney or Marmalade, please ask.

If I can help, I would be delighted to. 

Even though I have been making them for years, there is always something to learn.

At present I am making Christmas Chutney and I use the Soft pitted dates. I have always found them difficult to chop. So I invariably ended up chopping them by hand. The Food processor just skins them.

So. I used my kitchen scissors to cut them. Brilliant and less severe on the wrists!!




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